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Contaminación Microbiana de los Alimentos

Autor: Charles L. Wilson

Idioma: Inglés

Número de páginas: 632

Materia: Salud Pública

Año: 2008

Formato: PDF

ISBN-10: 0849390761

ISBN-13: 978-0849390760


Section I: Instances and Nature of Microbial Food Contamination

. PulseNet and Emerging Foodborne Diseases

. Pathogenic Mechanisms of the Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli—Some New Insights

. Viruses and Protozoan Parasites in Food

. Prions in the Food Chain

. Toxicity of Fumonisins, Mycotoxins from Fusarium verticillioides . Molecular and Biochemical Mechanisms of Action of Acute Toxicity and Carcinogenicity Induced by Aflatoxin B, and of the Chemoprevention of Liver Cancer

Section II: Detecting and Monitoring Microbial Food Contamination

. Rapid Methods for Detecting Microbial Contaminants in Foods: Past, Present, and Future

. Rapid Electrochemical Biosensors for the Identification and Quantification of Bacteria

. Applications of the Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detection, Identification, and Typing of Food-Borne Microorganisms

. Advances in Prion Detection

Section III: Control of Microbial Food Contamination

. Kosher and Halal Food Laws and Potential Implications for Food Safety

. Control of Foodborne Pathogens and Spoilage Microorganisms by Naturally Occurring Antimicrobials

. Intervention Technologies for Food Safety and Preservation

. Genetic and Biochemical Control of Aflatoxigenic Fungi

Section IV: Microbial Food Contamination and International Trade

. Mad Cow Disease and International Trade

. Use of Risk Assessment as a Tool for Evaluating Microbial Food Contaminants

. Zoonotic Diseases Risk Assessment and Mitigation

. Codex Alimentarius: What It Is and Why It Is Important . The International Food Safety Authorities Network

Section V: Bioterrorism and Microbial Food Contamination

. Biological Contamination of Food
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